Friday, December 19, 2008

Rabbitcam Episode 1

This is the Pilot episode for my new Interview show, which is Rabbitcam.

This show will be also under Rabbit Productions of course. For episode 1, I interviewed my colleague Mia, who apparently, was very much ready for the interview.

I know that this episode looks really raw but I'm working on learning new techniques on video editing so don't worry, after a few episodes, I'll try to blow you guys away.

Thanks to Nica (East-sea), and to Mia of course!! See you next Friday for Episode 2!!


  1. wala akong masabi nasabi ko lahat sa pilot episode ng rabbitcam. to those who are expecting the next episode, i'm advising you not to expect another episode of this crap DAHIL WALA NANG FRIENDS SI BRIX. haha.... nonetheless, it was fun gusto ko ulit ma-guest sa isa pang episode. i failed to teach darth vader how to speak spanish but next time i'll do my best to teach him CHOBAKANO. haha.... sa office lang may chobakano. haha....

  2. anu yung chobakano? ahahahaha.

  3. Rinig yung boses ni Mark while he's giving dance instructions :))