Friday, October 31, 2008



Nung umuulan, tumayo ka sa may kantong paspasan
Pinapahid ang luha ng nagngangalit na langit
Ang sabi mo may hinihintay ka
Na isasama mong sumugod sa baha.

Nung mataas ang araw, umupo ka sa tabi ng daan
Kinikiliti ang gitarang di mo alam tugtugin
Ang sabi mo, naghahantay ka ng tiyempo
Para sa taong iyong haharanahin

Teka, anong oras nga ba iyon?
Ano bang ginagawa ko noon?
Ihinihimbing ko ba ang bilis
Ng nagdadaang pagkakataon?

Nung dakong liwayway, gumising kang hirap huminga
Tumingin ka sa gilid ng iyong kama
Ang sabi mo, di magtatagal at muli
May hihimlay sa iyong tabi

Nung magdadapit hapon, nakatitig ka sa nagtatagong liwanag
Sinusungkit ang dumadapong dilim
Ang sabi mo, walang mawawala
Kung maghihintay ka sa bagay na di darating

Teka, anong oras nga ba iyon?
Ano bang ginagawa ko noon?
Ihinihimbing ko ba ang bilis
Ng nagdadaang panahon?

Thursday, October 30, 2008


From left to right: Karis, Cha, Jing, Nica, Ruby, Van
(Photo Courtesy of Brix)
Thanks for the fun. I missed you guys.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Walang Pasok, No Student Discount

Oo nga sembreak na pala, bakit nga ba naman hindi ko namamalayan. Yan tuloy, on my way to the Pamantasan, nagkasagutan kami ni manong driver, who by the way, was really thoughtful to even think of talking back, when he could've just continued driving for the sake of his other passengers.

To manong driver, thank you so much; you have undeniably made my day. By the way, don't forget what I told you before I headed to PLM: "Ingat ka."

I know when to give respect. In fact, it has never been in my nature to bash older people just because of petty things that they do. Notwithstanding the fact that I bear innate kindness and courtesy, at times I know I tend to be rude; and today is a perfect day for showing everybody my cocky side. Read on.

I gave a twenty-peso bill to manong as transpo fare for me and my sister (now that I've mentioned it, she didn't even thank me).

Jing: Manong, bayad po. Round table po, dalawang studyante.
Manong: (gives the change) Walang studyante ngayon, walang pasok.
Jing: Talaga po? May ID kami, may enrolment kami, at lahat ng sinasakyan namin, may discount parin kami. (At the back of my mind I wanted to ask him: What makes you an exception?)

Manong: Nasa patakaran yan, husto mo samahan pa kita sa (mumble)...
[Note: I think he stated an office there]
[Note: I'm not sure if it is really stated in the law. Is it?]

Again, at the back of my mind I was telling him, wag na sayang pa kikitain niyo for a day. I stopped myself, because I wanted to give the remaining traces of respect that I had for him.

Jing: Bakit, tama naman sinukli niyo diba?
Manong: Oo, bakit? 6 Pisos. Di mo ba tinignan?
Jing: O yun naman pala eh, anu pang inaamok amok niyo? Di ko naman tinignan kung tama sukli niyo o hindi. Saka magmaneho na lang kayo, ang dami niyo pang sinasabi.
Manong: (Mumble mumble)
Jing: Oo, sige. Ok.

Then silence.

When my sister and I were about to go down, he bade farewell by saying things which I didn't really understand. So, I just said:

"Ingat ka!"

with the sweetest, most malambing voice I could come up with.

I don't wish people bad luck, you know.

I just didn't get it at first. He gave me 6 pesos as change for the 20-peso bill that I gave him. If he was confident that "no student discount during sembreak" is REALLY in the rules, why did he still hand me 6 pesos? I just laughed and said "oo, sige" while he talked all the way from avenida to round table. That sweetheart gave me a jumpstart, I swear.

Then I just told my sister, it's ok, he's old anyway.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

He is my God

"Put your middle fingers in the air. Because everyone you know, and everyone around you is a liar. *pause* And so are you."

Bert McCracken - The Used
(in a concert and was about to perform Liar Liar - Burn in Hell)

Friday, October 24, 2008


This entry didn't make it to the blog action day and for the life of me, it wasn't even an entry in an essay writing contest that I was supposed to be a part of. It's not important anyway. Special issues shouldn’t jut be acted upon only during days of blog festivities and literary competitions whatnot.

Beautiful is an adjectival understatement for a country like mine. As a country branded as Pearl of the Orient, it is undeniably blessed with countless tourist spots, extraordinary delicacies, lush resources and rather intelligent citizens. This is but a mask of the current financial crisis that every Filipino has to endure and witness in his daily life. He sits with his family during meals, and asks himself questions like "How can I feed my family tomorrow?" and "Will I still have enough money to support my children's education?"

Yes, today and for the past decades, we have been experiencing a crisis. Thousands or even millions of Filipinos are unemployed, more and more children are deprived of their bare necessities and the number of out-of-school children is constantly increasing. Everyday we see homeless people begging for money to other people who, just the same, are grabbing on for their dear jobs to provide needs to their own families. While unemployment and population statistics alarm us, the government and its branches are more focused on debates about "equally important" matters of consequence. What is more frightening than knowing that our nation is led by people who cannot see real everyday scenarios of starving Filipinos on the media and even on their way to their offices?

With everything that is happening, we probably ask ourselves. Who should we blame? Who should help us? Why do we suffer from poverty? Why can't we get up and recover from these difficulties?

There is no one to blame, not even the government, not even who we call god. We are all a part of this system that we constantly complain about and not all of us do something to address its problems. Why should we be stuck on pointing fingers when we can just move forward and work harder to experience better lives?

Most Filipinos would tell you, a lot of companies are closing down because of the economy and I say this isn't so. It's by constant determination that we realize there are more opportunities than we can ever imagine. If we would only seek further than what is in front of us, we know we can have what we need.

What we learn in school should not just stay in notebooks and exams. If we have really learned enough, we would know that we have no one to help us but ourselves. Poverty is a phenomenon which stays not because it is natural, but because people affected by it feel that it can't be helped. I have learned that depending on others for survival won't bring any good to my future. I have learned that when I depend on my parents for my wants, and on my friends for comfort, in the end I won't be able to act on my own. We need to become individuals who can act independently in order to bring about a unified change in the system. The government is there, but it cannot help all the Filipinos in buying a kilo of rice for a family of six. We need to help ourselves. By changing morals and negative habits and by instilling discipline and independence among children, we can make the country a more suitable place to live in, in the future if not today.

Suffering is a consequence. Our choices bring us to the effects that if we do not anticipate, will bring damage not only to the economic aspect of our nation but to all facets of being a Filipino. We suffer because we have flaws. It is not entirely inevitable but we have to accept that every once in a while, we need to suffer and experience having less. Nonetheless, its inevitability does not mean permanence. If a child does not persevere in finishing his studies, he will end up finding difficulties in raising his family's quality of living, if not his own. If a graduate does not practice the course that he studied for four or five years, he will end up wasting his parents' money for a choice which took too late a time to be made. If an official decides to hog the money to himself because it's the trend in the government, funds which should go to more Filipinos will only be wasted for personal gains. We suffer because we choose to suffer. Poverty is a choice.

It may not just reflect on the kind of lives that we have now, but we need a radical change. Education must be valued and applied. Children must realize their right to learn. People must know the worth and benefits of being able to study and train themselves to live and survive. Morals must never be forgotten and replacement of bad habits must be immediately applied. These things are easier said than done, but if we want to escape this long-term illness that slowly kills our right to enjoy life, why shouldn't we try?

Let me end this post with a saying that goes, “Give a man a fish; you have fed him for today. Teach a man to fish; and you have fed him for a lifetime.” We alone can break this vicious cycle. Poverty cannot be solved with a snap of a finger. It takes a while, but if we start now, we can and will wake up from this decade-long nightmare. Let us wake up.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Angel's 150 Words

Jing? Jing. Jing! It’s Maria Josefa’s nick with different punctuation marks. To write about her is actually a difficult task to do. So I thought I’d start it this way.

Let’s start with “Jing with the question mark”. A brief talk with her will give you the sense that she is a person who runs after, digs and craves knowledge. Not that she wears eyeglasses, but because when she opens her mouth you get to know how much she can talk about almost anything. See the connection yet? She speaks sensibly most of the time and uses expressions I normally find awkward if used by another. That is Jing and I welcome the fact that she’s naturally born intelligent.

Now here’s “Jing with a period”. Actually, it’s just a wish to make that “period’ visible on her. She looks passive. She looks like she can just stay in one corner and be a statue. But looks can be deceiving, as the saying goes. She’s just the opposite. She does not know when to stop or even pause. She goes on and on and never allows a “period” get in her way. I wish she would know how to put an end to certain things. But for Christmas, I wish Santa could wrap that “gift” for her. We all want her to smell the brewing coffee.

Finally, meet “Jing with the exclamation”. She is a frustrated comedienne. Nah I’m just kidding. The exclamation is for the surprises and extra-ordinary things only she can do. For the child inside her who is always appreciative of the small things you do for her. For the smiles, the laughs, the talents, and the torch of light she shares towards others. For all the things she does with passion. So, the Jing with the exclamation? It’s an endless discovery. And she’s not even aware of it.

Earlier I thought it was difficult to put her in writing. I was wrong. Raise your eyebrows on this I won’t care. But this is how I see her from my angle.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Happy Birthday Lizzie!

Keep rocking dear Liezl!! ^&^

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fluid English

Lately, I have been stuck on reading Kiko Machine Komix and Beerkada online (out of boredom). These comic books focus on stories that are just so real and young, you'd think the artists are making fun of your own anecdotes. Just this morning I came across an old strip, featuring Glen (mylabs) and Alan Polantoc (his first appearance on Beer).


I never thought these anthem lines would make me laugh this hard. XD

Bored and Sleepy

I'm a bit bored today at work. I slept for almost 10 hours last night but I feel a bit sleepy. That's why I decided to create this blog post. I carefully arranged some of my things at my desk with a doodle I made for about 5 minutes and took a picture of it. Here's how it turned out:

I love my Jingie. ^__________^

Sunday, October 19, 2008


Jing: Ate, brown envelope nga po.
Ate: Short o long?
Jing: Short po.
Ate: Wala nang short eh.
Jing: Ha? Hehehe. Sige, long na lang.

Friday, October 17, 2008

I Miss my Sister

The little sister is as cute as the older brother. Orayt!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I Bow Before Your Majesty (Part 1)

Lengthy posts excite me. It's not that I have all the time in the world to read. It's the idea of slipping into someone's mind and seeking what he really wants to point out in every paragraph that interests me. Today I'm going to slip into my own mind, pour my thoughts into this entry as I have never done before.

On Silence

For weeks or even months, I have been trying my best to hold back and keep most of what I feel to myself. I have learned to censor caustic thoughts, because by nature, people around me are sensitive. It's a sardonic fact however, that they tend to act insensate when they talk and act, as if my feelings were of no use. Still, I talk less. I have always believed that the greatest of problems are those fought within oneself. These battles, when prevailed, bring the most out of an individual.

There is beauty in inaudibility. In silence, an individual can deliver a sharp pang of emotion to people. It is different from conceding. It's knowing that within yourself, you're winning. Silence oftentimes bars one from hearing the other half of stories, then again, I believe it is only an imperative to give the full details to people who are duly involved. If people talk against you, if people mistrust you and condescend you, the best weapon that can shield you is silence.

Notwithstanding the fact that silence is important, it is also necessary to speak up every once in a while, particularly if certain circumstances have exhausted all patience and tolerance you have.

Today I will break my silence in the most civilized way that I know. I will speak not because I want to purgate myself of all these thoughts, but because I want to protect the remaining traces of integrity I am slowly being deprived of and reputation that now, only a few people know.

Fake Friends

Pathetic. You call yourselves friends? Mga mapagpanggap kayo. Hindi kayo tao makitungo. Yes, I'm talking about everyone here, not just "them". Yeah, some may say that you are good friends but they know nothing about you people. Mga manggagamit kayo. Remember that karma will get you. It is fast and knows it's way to find you.

Monday, October 13, 2008

The Longest Day of My Life (So Far)

What a day. I slept at one and woke up at three, same routine, to work and find consolation in other people who I do not even know. I left right after shift to cater to org work and academic tasks like class card distribution and submission of other requirements. I was scolded for not coming on time in a student council meeting. I waited for the classcards and was able to get two, one for Curriculum Development and another for Field Study. So far so good. I may not have gotten the highest grades, but I am confident that I deserve what I got. I work and study at the same time and it is a great feat for me to have such high grades despite the ups and downs--name it: familial, emotional, physical.

The climax of all these things has turned out to be unordinary. I thought I'd flunk all the way, and nobody would save me; but at the end, I did save myself (with a great deal of help from the most important people around). You see, I knew didn't have to prove myself to anyone. All I wanted was to give myself an affirmation that yes, I can and will defy all false beliefs about me.

I just have one wish though: Maybe, just maybe, my family would also be proud of me.

xxxHolic Episode 6

xxxHolic Episode 6

"Names are very powerful. The fact that something is given a name is a symbol that it is important. When someone or even a thing is given a name, it possesses the power of it's kind."

- Yuko Ichihara

Sunday, October 12, 2008

The Number Twelve

I was utterly sleepy this morning so I decided to search for some interesting stuff on the net. It was 7:02 when I came across this website about the number 12. Click the link to see what makes twelve too great a number.

Shameless Plugging

Welcome. This is a new blog created by Brix and Jing. To answer some of the few questions that you may have in mind, let us go down to the basics of this blog.

Pareho kayong may blog diba? Bakit kayo bumuo ng blog ninyong dalawa?
Brix says: Para mas masaya and for more visits! Hahaha. Para yung readers namin individually makita rin yung posts nung isa.
Jing says: Para may sariling blog yung mga kuwento namin.

Bakit ganyan yung URL niyo?
Brix says: To symbolize contrast between the authors.
Jing says: Nahirapan kasi kaming magisip ng URL, so we thought we'd look for random quotations and take its last four words as blog URL.

Eh yung title, bakit naman love is a battlefield? Lagi ba kayong at war?
Both say: Hehehe. :)

So what should we expect from this blog?
Brix says: A mix of two different styles of writing tsaka mas malawak yung sakop ng posts, since iba interests namin, mas maraming lalabas na posts. Jing is more on ranting and weird things while I think I'll be writing about music, games and anime.
Jing says: A lot of rants, anecdotes, conversations and lessons.

Anung message niyo sa mga taong babasa nito?
Brix says: Mag-enjoy sila at huwag mahiya magcomment, tsaka balik lang kayo lagi.
Jing says: Ilagay kami sa blogroll, magpost sa tagboard, at magblog din sila.

Expect more entries to flood this site. Hope you enjoyed reading this first post. See you around!