Thursday, October 23, 2008

Angel's 150 Words

Jing? Jing. Jing! It’s Maria Josefa’s nick with different punctuation marks. To write about her is actually a difficult task to do. So I thought I’d start it this way.

Let’s start with “Jing with the question mark”. A brief talk with her will give you the sense that she is a person who runs after, digs and craves knowledge. Not that she wears eyeglasses, but because when she opens her mouth you get to know how much she can talk about almost anything. See the connection yet? She speaks sensibly most of the time and uses expressions I normally find awkward if used by another. That is Jing and I welcome the fact that she’s naturally born intelligent.

Now here’s “Jing with a period”. Actually, it’s just a wish to make that “period’ visible on her. She looks passive. She looks like she can just stay in one corner and be a statue. But looks can be deceiving, as the saying goes. She’s just the opposite. She does not know when to stop or even pause. She goes on and on and never allows a “period” get in her way. I wish she would know how to put an end to certain things. But for Christmas, I wish Santa could wrap that “gift” for her. We all want her to smell the brewing coffee.

Finally, meet “Jing with the exclamation”. She is a frustrated comedienne. Nah I’m just kidding. The exclamation is for the surprises and extra-ordinary things only she can do. For the child inside her who is always appreciative of the small things you do for her. For the smiles, the laughs, the talents, and the torch of light she shares towards others. For all the things she does with passion. So, the Jing with the exclamation? It’s an endless discovery. And she’s not even aware of it.

Earlier I thought it was difficult to put her in writing. I was wrong. Raise your eyebrows on this I won’t care. But this is how I see her from my angle.

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