Sunday, October 26, 2008

He is my God

"Put your middle fingers in the air. Because everyone you know, and everyone around you is a liar. *pause* And so are you."

Bert McCracken - The Used
(in a concert and was about to perform Liar Liar - Burn in Hell)


  1. yeah i agree...
    i don't really need to ask, but that includes you, right?
    great. *smiles*

  2. of course.
    everyone's a liar.
    yes, i am a liar.
    and so, what's your point?
    *poke poke*

  3. interested to know my point rabbit?
    nothing really important.
    don't lie to yourself that you care to know. Because the truth is you don't really care at all.

    How can an ingrate handle the truth?

    You can't. This is why you call yourself a liar. And everyone else around you. *too bad*

    So there...The advantage of your admission is I know everything you wrote here is a lie.

    oh btw, "happy" blogging! n.n

  4. well, i ain't saying that everyone is a liar just to sugarcoat that i am one.

    hmmm. just because someone is a liar doesn't mean that everything he says is a fake.

    i am a liar. but a small one. it's not actually my favorite activity unlike most people probably including you. and uh, i don't really know why i am explaining right now.

    i may be a liar, but at least i ain't a coward. ^___________^

    come back soon. and don't let the door hit you on the way out. ^^*

  5. oh that's a nice argument.

    i assume you got hit by your own door both on your way in and out?

    "hmmm. just because someone is a liar doesn't mean that everything he says is a fraud."(how logical)

    since when?
    last time I checked the definitions didn't change a bit.

    Make it real. you don't get to call someone a coward just because they are named "anonymous". The meaning doesn't even fit me in any way. I can even assure you that I have 'bigger balls' than yours, though I don't literally have them.

    and like what you said- I don't even have to explain that to you.

    clarify things on your own and clear your head quick before it gets too late ^__________^

  6. you assume too much. i just mentioned that you are a coward and here you are, already shouting to the world that being 'anonymous' is not a sign of being a chicken. hiding behind something because you are afraid of facing something head-on is the simpliest definition of cowardice.

    you are so mind-blogglingly shallow it's so unbelievable. logic? trust me, you don't wanna go there with me.

    oh well, i'm sorry but i can't go down your level any further. my intellect and reason can only tolerate much.

    wow, you actually won. i spent several minutes wasting my time on you. congratulations. *clap clap*

  7. Ok since we are having healthy conversations here on the comments page, i want to take part in all the fun. this is also my blog anyway.

    To anonymous:

    "How can an ingrate handle the truth?"

    -I hate to ask, but are you and rabbit close enough for you to call him an ingrate? Has he done something to you that has convinced you of this "ingratitude" that you profess?

    "i don't really need to ask, but that includes you, right?"

    -if you look at rabbit's post you can say that at some point what you said was true. maybe you should also try asking bert for his opinion on the matter. After all, he was the one who said that.

    "hmmm. just because someone is a liar doesn't mean that everything he says is a fraud."(how logical)

    -Please observe proper citations and quotations. I believe this is what he posted:

    "hmmm. just because someone is a liar doesn't mean that everything he says is a fake."

    and yes, that is very logical. I may have flunked my logic and scientific methods class, but i know when a premise is logically constructed. Try checking your comments, you might spot highly subjective statements at that.

  8. Thank you *bow*

    Oh well…here’s a clear misunderstanding. Anonymity isn’t a form of cowardice. It’s simply being nameless. What’s in a name to you? I accept that you are “rabbit”. Are you feeling that irritation just ‘cause you read my name as “anonymous” and can’t do anything about it? Of course. So what if my name’s Karen? You care? Besides didn’t you write:
    “Rabbit lahat ng bumibisita ditu. obligado kayo magcomment. hehehe. ^^~ Details 2008-10-22 7:46 AM #”

    Or my citation will fail me again? *smiles*

    The point is this- you gave permission for everyone to leave comments and yes including “anonymous” people like me. So why call it “cowardice”? I didn’t know there were rules to follow like I should leave my real name, etcetera.

    A liar is a liar no matter how big or small. Especially that you already confessed that you are. So why argue with your own confession. Why explain what kind of liar you are. Weren’t you so engrossed in saying everyone is a liar including you? (“of course. everyone's a liar. yes, i am a liar.” [citation dated: October 26, 2008 11:03 PM]) Now you want to come clean and say that not everything you say is a fake (or formerly written as FRAUD). Should I call you an “occasional liar” then to make your statement work?

    And even though you say I am “mind-blogglingly shallow” I still caught your attention, didn't I? Oops and never forget- shallow waters run deep.

    I rest my case. As for your piece Jing, I applaud your support for rabbit. Just wonderful I'd say.

    *anonymous ends it here*
    Peace y’all (n.n)