Monday, October 27, 2008

Walang Pasok, No Student Discount

Oo nga sembreak na pala, bakit nga ba naman hindi ko namamalayan. Yan tuloy, on my way to the Pamantasan, nagkasagutan kami ni manong driver, who by the way, was really thoughtful to even think of talking back, when he could've just continued driving for the sake of his other passengers.

To manong driver, thank you so much; you have undeniably made my day. By the way, don't forget what I told you before I headed to PLM: "Ingat ka."

I know when to give respect. In fact, it has never been in my nature to bash older people just because of petty things that they do. Notwithstanding the fact that I bear innate kindness and courtesy, at times I know I tend to be rude; and today is a perfect day for showing everybody my cocky side. Read on.

I gave a twenty-peso bill to manong as transpo fare for me and my sister (now that I've mentioned it, she didn't even thank me).

Jing: Manong, bayad po. Round table po, dalawang studyante.
Manong: (gives the change) Walang studyante ngayon, walang pasok.
Jing: Talaga po? May ID kami, may enrolment kami, at lahat ng sinasakyan namin, may discount parin kami. (At the back of my mind I wanted to ask him: What makes you an exception?)

Manong: Nasa patakaran yan, husto mo samahan pa kita sa (mumble)...
[Note: I think he stated an office there]
[Note: I'm not sure if it is really stated in the law. Is it?]

Again, at the back of my mind I was telling him, wag na sayang pa kikitain niyo for a day. I stopped myself, because I wanted to give the remaining traces of respect that I had for him.

Jing: Bakit, tama naman sinukli niyo diba?
Manong: Oo, bakit? 6 Pisos. Di mo ba tinignan?
Jing: O yun naman pala eh, anu pang inaamok amok niyo? Di ko naman tinignan kung tama sukli niyo o hindi. Saka magmaneho na lang kayo, ang dami niyo pang sinasabi.
Manong: (Mumble mumble)
Jing: Oo, sige. Ok.

Then silence.

When my sister and I were about to go down, he bade farewell by saying things which I didn't really understand. So, I just said:

"Ingat ka!"

with the sweetest, most malambing voice I could come up with.

I don't wish people bad luck, you know.

I just didn't get it at first. He gave me 6 pesos as change for the 20-peso bill that I gave him. If he was confident that "no student discount during sembreak" is REALLY in the rules, why did he still hand me 6 pesos? I just laughed and said "oo, sige" while he talked all the way from avenida to round table. That sweetheart gave me a jumpstart, I swear.

Then I just told my sister, it's ok, he's old anyway.


  1. naku. na-experience ko na rin yan.
    sabi ko sa manong, "hindi po sembreak sa lahat ng paaralan o unibersidad..ayan manong, ngayon alam nyo na po"
    kapag alam mong tama ka o nasa katwiran ka ede Go!=) hehe