Monday, October 13, 2008

The Longest Day of My Life (So Far)

What a day. I slept at one and woke up at three, same routine, to work and find consolation in other people who I do not even know. I left right after shift to cater to org work and academic tasks like class card distribution and submission of other requirements. I was scolded for not coming on time in a student council meeting. I waited for the classcards and was able to get two, one for Curriculum Development and another for Field Study. So far so good. I may not have gotten the highest grades, but I am confident that I deserve what I got. I work and study at the same time and it is a great feat for me to have such high grades despite the ups and downs--name it: familial, emotional, physical.

The climax of all these things has turned out to be unordinary. I thought I'd flunk all the way, and nobody would save me; but at the end, I did save myself (with a great deal of help from the most important people around). You see, I knew didn't have to prove myself to anyone. All I wanted was to give myself an affirmation that yes, I can and will defy all false beliefs about me.

I just have one wish though: Maybe, just maybe, my family would also be proud of me.

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  1. hehe.. janerey here.. gagawa din kami ng bagong blog.. sobrang luma na yung existing, di namin maedit yung layout. paalam ko na lang kung nakagawa na ko, wala pang time ngayon eh :D

    happy blogging!