Thursday, September 17, 2009

The 10-Minute Meditation

I only had ten minutes to write this entry so forgive me for the errors whatsoever.

I think I've grown out of the things I used to love doing. I started Jeffrey Archer's Paths of Glory last night and I realized I couldn't make sense out of the words I read. It was like staring at the words and the words were shouting their definitions at me. I felt deaf and mute, not to mention stupid.


I've always wanted to apply changes but god, I don't know where to start. When laziness strikes, I always tell myself there are many days I can use for catching up but I always end up being unproductive. So far I only came up with these few empty goals.

1. I want to clean the house
2. I want to read more
3. I want to study
4. I want to go to school and get my transcript of records
5. I want to save money

Apparently, I haven't started doing any of these aforementioned plans. What's happening to me?


People but in and bug other people's lives because of three things:

1. They want to be noticed
2. They are afraid to be considered irrelevant
3. They feel that they have something to say on other people's lives.

Isn't it a lot better if people could just let other people live their lives regardless of the mistakes they may commit? Concern is good, but interference is a different story. As people start meddling in other people's affairs, they become less interested with how their lives turn out. Aren't they afraid of that? Sooner or later instead of talking about other people, they'd be the ones being talked about--negatively.

I don't know whether being "epal" [attention seeker] is an effect of upbringing or tradition, either way, let's not hope it grows as a trademark of Filipinos. It's not something I can be proud if I'd ever be one.

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