Monday, June 8, 2009

Twelve Very Random Ideas Just Popped Out of My Head

1. I need a foot spa, a hair spa, and all the other kinds of comfort I could get. My feet look horrible and my body feels internally grotesque.

2. I'm wearing a dress I swear I'm never going to wear ever again..unless I'm out to reveal deflated souls [out of humiliation] to guys.

3. I am so tired, I'm thinking of getting a powernap for 10 minutes after every hour or whenever I could get some time to close my eyes. I need time to replenish vigor.

4. I need a little brush up on my grammar, listening and speaking skills. Christ, I need a chair, a white board and an English Instructor.

5. ...and while I'm at it, I think I also need an enrichment on my vocabulary. My word bank is getting rusty.

6. Prepositions are starting to drive me mad. When I was at school I rarely [almost never] had any problem with preps. What the devil has gotten into me?

7. I love attention, a little, or even more, but I hate the idea of people looking at you and swaying eyeballs from head to foot and up again. If I ever see a pair right now, by grace of the almighty, I'll get the keys out of my bag and poke it straight into those eyes.

8. Oh, I'm starting to sound like a bitch, and starting to ACTUALLY BE like one. It's exciting.

9. Currently listening to songs you wouldn't want in your music players.

10. Currently finding ways to make new interests out of lacklusterness.

11. I can hear sarcasm in my own voice. I'm working on it on a daily basis. Hurray for efforts.

12. I love this number. :D

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