Monday, July 13, 2009

BSE Flashbacks

Dear BSE,
I have been keeping this blog for a couple of months now, yet I haven't written anything about you. What hurts even more is the fact that, I graduated without telling you how much I would miss our batch.

Everytime I look at this picture, it reminds me of how grouped, ungrouped, individually diverse, and unified our class had been for three years. I always look back at those silly arguments, petty fights, simple jokes and funny musings of each one of us and everytime I do, I sigh and secretly wish, I could go back to being a student, if only it means working and having fun with you guys again.

I may not be significantly adept at leading the class at all times, I may have had shortcomings that affected how the class performed in the different subjects that we took--but you understood. We may have had series of misunderstandings, episodes of disappointments, but you just said, let's move forward. Until now, I couldn't forget these things. Ergo, I couldn't really move on.  

I may have unresolved issues with some of you, and until now it bothers me that sadly, I work and earn money without anticipating any chances of spending it just to be with you, whom I really want to be with. For what its worth, let me say I wanted to go back to those times when everything was just simple--you may be talking about me, or about everyone else, but we didn't mind, and it never really mattered.

I want to study again and share grievances with you, whose complaints sounded more like funny remarks. We have become outlet of frustrations of one another. We used to work for more than 18 hours, but it didn't matter because we worked with and for one another. Stress didn't stop us from having fun. Unlike these days, when we feel stressed we just prefer to stay at home and sleep.

Namimiss ko na kayo. Sobra. Mag inuman naman tayo. Magusap, magkape, mag ingay.

PLM BSE-English
Batch '09

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