Friday, July 17, 2009

On Time and Space

I'm drunk. Seriously drunk, sober, whatchamacallit while writing this entry, and I am not really proud of it. 

Well maybe I am, if only for the confidence it gave me while I was doing this post.

Anyway, I got into a very brief conversation with a friend a few minutes before midnight. I asked and wondered how she's been. I could tell from her tone that she was not in the mood to talk to me. Little did I know, that she no longer wanted to.

"Are you mad?" I asked, as if I didn't really know.

"I don't know. Honestly Jing, I'm tired of running after you and begging for your time. I always ask you to spend time with me, and you always have reasons not to."

"You know what, fine."

After hanging up, I realized, our friendship was so short-lived, it didn't need words to die, it only needed absence of time. 

For what its worth, let me tell you this: when people demand for your time, which you could not give, every reason you can think of is not really a valid way out. It's even a hint, of how less important they are to you. When you intend to share time, no reason can stop you from doing so. Proximity is relatively not important. Time is. 

I've always believed that time is the greatest gift that you can ever give a person. I give time and spend time with people who I consider very important to me.

Sadly, she spent time begging for a few hours that she could be with me, so that I would feel important, and by what I just said, I made her realize, I haven't been worth running after for all along. 

That, my friends, is sad.

Lesson: Learn how to value people who spend time for you.
There are a very few of them left. :)

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