Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I wake up.
Jump out of bed
and head for the sink.
I look at my face and tell myself,
"You're too beautiful for all this crap."
I eat, burp and thank heavens for food. 
I take a bath, get dressed and out the door 
I see people busy with the latest gabfest
They argue, laugh, and blabber some more
and I tell myself,
"You're too sensible for all this crap."
On the street, men walk past me, and look back
and mumble certain compliments which I'd 
rather take as indecent remarks
Get on a cab when I'm really late,
 or more frequently a jeep when I know
I'm gonna get on time before the bell rings
People keep on asking for my help
in passing their fares to the driver
and tell myself
"I'm too lazy for all this crap."
I get off, walk a few meters to the building
Do a little combing of my hair
Put on some more make up
Face my student for two hours
I laugh, talk some more and teach a bit
and I tell myself,
"I'm too absorbed to do all this crap."
I bid her goodbye, I'll see her around
Have lunch, sleep, do a little tattle-fest
Then talk on the phone
while talking I tell myself,
"I'm too asocial for all this crap."
I laugh, worry a little, sound a little too perky
then I smoke and I smoke some more
then I tell myself, 
"I'm too weak for this crap."
Work ends.
I get out of the building, with friends
head for the nearest cafe we could find
Talk more and eat more
My eyes are sore and my feet more banal than ever
and I tell myself
"I'm too jaded for all this crap."
I walk home, get on a jeep and walk again. 
I sit in front of the computer and play
Farmville. Harvest. Plow. Sow.
I hop into bed. 
Think a little
and tell myself
"I deserve more than just all this crap."
Then I realize, 
maybe all this crap is all I need to get by. 

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