Thursday, January 15, 2009

Rant Number:

1. Jem has coined a new term to give the word "sex" a little sophistication. It's "Party people". When you have a partner who wants to do you and you want to be done as well, you say "Tara na, party people na tayo!" Then the world becomes a livelier place to live in.

2. I watched the first episode of American Idol and was impressed with Scott McIntyre (I'm not really sure about the spelling of his name). He's blind, but he was so good at playing the piano and he sang his audition piece with perfect pitch. I hope he makes it to the top ten of this season. I doubt it though, because people run after entertainment, versatility and performance. A talented but disabled person can only have sensationalized sympathy for a couple of weeks. After that, people will get bored and will resort to their original standards for choosing a good performer. It was a brave move though. Anyway, how many chances are given to people who have physical challenges to come up on stage and perform in front of a big audience?

3. I waited for my ninong at Market! Market!, as he said he was going to fetch me. I didn't know how to get to my ninang's house so I agreed. It took thirty minutes but it felt like a millenium. It was so cold. Brr. It was so cold I hated it. Imagine, the sun was glaring down on you and you were still literally freezing because of the wind. I hated it. This awful weather frightens me.

4. Ayoko ng taong makulit. Argh. Pota. Naiirita ako sa taong makulit.Kapag sinabi ng isang beses di na kailangan paulit ulitin. Kapag ayaw sumunod pabayaan.

5. I fucking hate CHEATERS. I wasn't able to sit down for 2 hours because I had to stop the fancy, giddy and amazingly shrewd acts of cheating inside my class. I hate CHEATERS. Oh god, I can say it a thousand times. I so hate CHEATERS. They're like liars sticking their demon tails and damien faces out in the sun, and they even go out of the classroom proud of their malevolent behavior. God, I hate cheating.

6. Malapit na ako magdemo. Malapit na matapos. Nalulungkot ako na natutuwa. Natutuwa ako kasi gagraduate na ako. Nalulungkot ako kasi mamimiss ko yung mga studyante ko. Araw araw na lang parte na sila ng hinanakit ko, ng frustrations ko. They have become my stories and it's a sad fact that I have more sad stories to tell than the happy ones. I try too hard to become a good teacher for them and their failures become mine.

7. I have learned something today: Give your all, but prepare yourself for the fallbacks. You'll realize how painful it gets not to be loved back. As they say: The greatest thing you'll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return. Too bad my students do not really love me that much. :(

8. Natututo na akong maging organized! Ang galing. Biruin mo, kanina ako pa ang naghahanap ng gagawin kasi tapos ko na yung ginagawa ko! It's fantastic. I cannot even believe myself.

9. I'm not happy, but I'm ok with it. Being okay with it doesn't mean I can tolerate sadness for long. Nonetheless, being unhappy still doesn't mean giving up.

10. I LOVE VINCE AND HE'S BACK! Vince's Life is so cool, I remember I was once addicted to reading the Vince's Life articles in Seventeen. I felt sorry for Vince after breaking up with Andrea but life has to move on--what the heck, after a long wait he's back! After his break up with Andrea (who migrated to US), he meets a new girl named Cat. The sad part is, he's already in love with Cat and Andrea's coming back home! Hmm. Interesting? Yeah, I know. Vince's Life 2 is out. Sold in National Bookstores for 150.00 Php.

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