Monday, January 12, 2009

The Blower's Daughter

I always keep the same book in my bag. I always bring it with me wherever I go, and read it whenever I have time. The words leave traces in my head. The characters move, talk and act as if they were given life.

The book that I have with me is about two lives--one that can live with or without the other and the other one that cannot live alone. You see, everytime I flip through the pages of that book I remember all other stories of people who I have talked with and stories of those people who I have not even met. It was as if the author knew of what I have always yearned for in a story.

I remember the part where the main character decides to go against his people's norms to live with the girl he loves. I can picture it perfectly in my head. The way he whispers, "I'll take you wherever I go, and give you happiness until you choose to breathe my name and life." The girl smiles, turns and walks away from someone she never thought she would even desire.

I remember the part where she runs back right after him. She runs, and runs until she finally turns around and sees him standing behind her, smiling. Oh yes, I can see every scene. He leans and looks at her, she looks away for she knows she won't stand those eyes that seep through her. I can imagine those eyes. Copper. Fierce. Deep. I can sense the way he touches her. He lays his hands on a fancy figurine, as if it were something of excellent value. He breaks her with just a touch of his fingers. She closes her eyes and repays those ardent caresses one sultry afternoon in May. Everything seems so real.

I remember the part where he stands, yells at her and begs that she stays away, but she doesn't.

I remember the part where she storms out of a room, and he follows suit.

I remember the part where they want to buy happiness, but what they get is more pain.

I remember the part where they both wait at the opposite sides of the train station. She steps in and finds out that he stays and lets the other train go forth. She cries but decides to move along.

I remember the part where in a lane, at an intersection they see each other. She walks, closer...closer...and he walks...closer...closer...

I remember the part where they both smile and tell themselves, it's a good day.

I remember the part where he passes by her. She walks on and doesn't see anything but the street light that goes red.

Every scene seems so real, it's frightening.

As I close the book, I remember.

As I remember, I sigh.

As I sigh, I hope.

As I hope, I cry.

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