Monday, November 24, 2008

Ang mga Estudyante Ko ay Hindi Bobo

Every system operates like a machine. Push the right button and it will start. Use the right controls and it will move the way you expect it to. Overuse it and it'll break down. Carefully and strategically design it and it'll be voted as one of the greatest inventions ever made. Our systems are like machines, subtly controlled by one of the most important facets of life: reality.

We know that something is real when we experience it. We define reality by consolidation of people's ideas and perceptions of what they see, hear, feel, taste and observe. Technically, everything, even the darkest, most negative aspects of humanity, is real.

From an educational perspective, it is a feat for student teachers to be aware of the real secondary school scenario: poor facilities, unruly students, underachievers, insufficiency of learning, unconducive environments and incompetent teachers. This consciousness leads to the openness that the profession which they will soon take is a serious task. This reality brings forth thousands of ideals which may sound too noble, too optimistic or perhaps, even too impossible to deliver.

Slowly, carefully, we are all entering this phase in which we have to use this system to bring changes. With this comes a sad fact which I discovered and felt so disgusted with when I realized it. Our minds have been filled with educational philosophies by the same institution which ironically hired a teacher who does not want us to teach in public schools. I cannot believe this reality.

I cannot believe I am being taught by my own professor never to stay in a secondary school just because the students stink, just because the washrooms are filthy, just because the rooms have no fans--just because of these lame reasons that my own students deal with every single day.
I cannot believe my teacher calls my public high school students BOBO. This degradation is not just addressed to the students, but to the teachers as well. This arrogance is so blearing, it makes me lose my sense of sight and respect towards the "authority" that speaks of filth in front of me.

No, my students and other high school students are not bobo. I can cite a lot of reasons that will prove her wrong but I prefer to say this in full confidence without further explaining everything: No, my students are not bobo.

I cannot believe that my teacher wants me to serve "sophisticated", private institutions sheltering people who look down on those who make their businesses successful. I can't believe that she wants me to fight effortlessly in a pay-high school when in fact, the real battle is in a public school.

I am not a teacher, at least not yet. I am just starting to become a part of a system. Sometimes, I get discouraged when I feel that I should have taught more, I could have offered more to these students of mine; but the more I remember those words from her, the more I feel like a button pushed. I feel insulted. This insult, ergo, makes me want to go further. It's through those sad facts that I realize I really have to continue what I have started; otherwise, my students will be left to a teacher like her, who speaks ill of a profession she has been practicing for almost half of her life.

I do not wish to sugarcoat reality. I plan to reconstruct it. I plan to give students the things they rightfully deserve: recognition, joy in learning and hope. Like a machine, I believe I am pushed the right way and I am going to look at the educational reality with the same philosophies that I have been primarily equipped with. No, my teacher, apparently, you have not enlightened me with your weak and pathetic pieces of advice.

I just want to repeat this:
My students are not bobo.


  1. You amaze me. You've grown so much. Jing I am so proud of you! :D

  2. angas! very well expressed..
    she's a difficult person..
    go jing. asteg mo.tama! gamitin mo ang kapangyarihan mong makaimpluwensiya(bilang isang titser) sa ibang tao(estudyante) sa mabuti at makatarungang paraan...=)

  3. what the hell.
    i dont care about your students' welfare..pero you've got a point.

    tae ka..bawal silang turuan magsmoke ah.di kasama sa curriculum un.

  4. Galing, Lab... Glad to know people like you still exist.