Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Things I Understand

I understand honesty.

It comes in bold and brave statements to declare honesty as one of the most important things a person must be equipped with. I also understand that people become straightforward and frank when they want to stop something from happening again. There is, however, a thin line between honesty and tact. This is something that apparently, even smart people cannot distinguish.

I understand comparison.

People like it when they are considered "better" as compared to other people. Better in terms of status, abilities, potentials. What they don't like about comparison is when they go a level lower than people being compared to them.

Either way, I hate being compared to others. I HATE it. Why do I hate being compared? It's because I hate feeling so low of myself, which I can easily be provoked to feel.

I understand concern.

I am grateful that, notwithstanding people who have lost faith in me, there are still some left who stay and believe that I can get back on track even if I make irrational decisions.

I understand judgment.

I know how easy it is for people to arrive to conclusions without sufficient analysis of given situations. I understand that even people who you treasure can give false judgment and all you have to do is accept it.

I understand silence.

In silence, a lot of things can be heard. Even those we do not intend to say can be understood. Sometimes, silence gets so ironically and entertainingly loud it can make an individual lose his
will to talk just so he could hear himself. That, is silence.

It is only in understanding deep truth that everyday truth makes any sense.
-Laura Teresa Marquez
Source: Early Morning Conversation

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