Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Very Random Ideas

1.) Why in the world did some Filipinos go to Greenbelt and celebrate for the election of the new US president?

I was on my way home last night (or morning) at around twelve, I was listening to the radio when I heard that some Pinoys even bothered going to Greenbelt to take part in Barrack's victory.


It's probably because they couldn't overthrow their own president that they decided maybe they could just waste time and effort cheering for...a new hope for a country which isn't theirs.

2.) Who should be blamed when something goes wrong in an organization? Should it be the president, the officer who commits the error or the members who do not cooperate

I just have this simple observation. Whenever there's a mistake, the president gets all the bashing. The president knows it wasn't his freaking fault but he shuts up. The lucky responsible officer (the real sinner) would be spared from all the shame. Let's go the other way around. If there is an achievement, the credit goes to the officer who initiated the idea. The president who does the major work, decides to shut up and continue working. Then let's try another angle: the members have to do something for the org, but they fail to do so. The president is still blamed, neither by the members nor by the officers pehaps, but by org adviser

Yes, it doesn't really happen all the time; but if you were the president what would you have felt?
3.) Imagine yourself having two jobs--both of the same kind, both in the same industry. You profess your undying support for Company A and for that, your boss is very, very pleased. It is stated in your contract that you are not supposed to serve any company other than A. Still for some personal reasons you decide to work in Company B.

Soon enough, by some twist of fate, Company A finds out that you cheated because you are an employee of its rival company, B.
Your boss in A understands that you have your own reasons to do that, but they have to do something because you did not follow what you have signed for in the contract.
What should you do?
A. Nothing. Stick to company B.
Sure, B sucks but there's better compensation so it's not that bad at all.
B. Ask for an apology, a reconsideration and give an explanation.
What should company A do?
A. Nothing. Loyalty counts. The contract counts.
B. Give a warning. Count the strikes. Forgive and take you back.
4.) True Faith is a good Filipino band, if not the best.

Muntik ng Maabot ang Langit

Ang langit sa `yong puso muntik nang mailapit
Nguni’t `kaw na ngayo’y alaalang kay pait
Muntik nang maabot ang langit

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