Thursday, November 6, 2008

God Save The Queen

I stumbled upon this weird Friendster quiz that really caught my attention that's why I decided to post it here.

The rules of the test are simple. Think of one person and you will base your answer upon him/her. Once you start answering, you can't change the person you have in mind.

With that said, take a look at how things turned out.

1. Is he/she your friend on Friendster?
^^ Yes.

2. Why did you choose him/her?
^^ Because I want to.

3. What places do you remember when you think about him/her?
^^ A lot.

4. Dedicate a song to him/her.
^^ Motorhead (Sex Pistols cover) - God Save The Queen

5. Why'd you choose that song?
^^ This is my song for him/her.

6. Is he/she kind?
^^ Yes.

7. Is he/she a good singer?
^^ I choose not to answer that. Hahaha.

8. How about drawing?
^^ I'm not sure.

9. Do you know any actor(s)/actress(es) that look like him/her?
^^ Nope.

10. Are you close friends?
^^ Hmmm. So-so.

11. Have you seen him/her mad?
^^ Nope.

12. How about smiling?
^^ Yes. His/Her smiling face is his/her primary equipment.

13. How about crying?
^^ Not yet. But I'd really love to see that.

14. What does he/she like to wear?
^^ No idea.

15. Does he/she make you happy?
^^ Of course.

16. Have you tried making him/her cry?
^^ Nope.

17. What is his/her favorite food?
^^ No idea.

18. What's his/her favorite song?
^^ I don't know. But he/she is inclined to rock and to anime themes.

19. What do you call him/her?
^^ I can't say that or else everyone will know who he/she is. What a weird question.

20. Your message for him/her?
^^ Right now, I really wouldn't want to say anything to him/her. But I hate you. You are making me think about you so much lately.


  1. hmmm....sino kaya yan..I really have no clue..hehehe kilala ko ba yun?