Monday, January 11, 2010

I was going through my stuff and I found a card which says:

You probably feel like the weight of the world s on your shoulders right now and if you move the wrong way, it’s going to come crashing down. That has to be an exhausting feeling, and I wish the load didn’t have to be so heavy.

But I want to know I admire the way you keep on going and keep on doing what has to be done. You might be thinking “What choice do I have?” But there are many who wouldn’t be able to hold up under your circumstances, who wouldn’t have inner strength or convictions for doing the right thing.

I hope there will be pockets of time when you can find some relief and rest. I hope you will make every effort to take care of yourself, because you’re a good person, and you’re very special to many people. Please count me as one of them.

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