Monday, January 11, 2010

The Looking Glass Self Theory

More often than not, when we encounter people who negatively talk about us, we say, “I don’t care about what they say.” While it’s true that we TRY not to be bothered by other people’s impressions of we are, the fact remains that what they say might still be true.

Horton Cooley’s Looking Glass Self theory explains that how we appear to other people may reflect who we really are. This proably explains why we often describe ourselves the way other people do.

This has happened twice. I feel disappointed at myself, because of the following things:

1. I am trying too hard to impress people who are apparently, biologically related to the person I want to spend the rest of my life with. This is obviously futile.

2. I couldn’t suffice his financial needs inasmuch as I want to. I earn money which barely even satisfies my needs, so how could I even satisfy his? I feel so f***ed up, whenever I know that he doesn’t want to seek help from me, but what can I do? Damnit.

3. No matter how he insists that I shouldn’t be thinking about what they say, I CANNOT deny the fact that it happened twice. Right now, I feel so fucking low, and the only consolation that I could get are his words. Sometimes however, words are difficult to hold on to, regardless of how reliable they sound.

4. We do not invade anybody else’s privacy, so why should they invade ours (or even deprive us of it)?

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