Monday, January 11, 2010


All short stories have endings. Rising actions, falling actions and conflicts. Some say that the most wonderful part of a story is the climax, some say it’s the ending that matters. Quite true, but if you look at it closely, these things would never exist without a beginning–an introduction, a revelation of the setting, the initial mood and the main characters.

I love wonderful beginnings, even those parts you would not even wish to read. When things end, I regress. I try to recall what happens in the beginning for it bears the vital parts of what transpires in the scenes. By nature, we tend to be more interested on how stories would end. Still, we ask “Bakit? Pano ba nag umpisa yun?”

I love beginnings. New, fresh, untouched scenes of the mind. Everytime I feel like a story comes to an end, I just regress, flip through the first few pages, re-read and answer the question:

“Paano nga ba nagsimula?” [How did it all begin?]

There and then, everything falls into its place again.

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