Monday, January 11, 2010

Signs of the Changing Times

There is nothing more factual than the persective of reality. Sadly though, the closer we are to the truth, the more we choose to disbelieve it. Farther and farther we stay away from what we could not accept, thus acting blind by hiding behind our human fantasies of a utopian entirety. Truth, in its strongest sense is indeed, stranger than fiction–-an axiom which not everybody dares accept.

What I see, hear and feel are all true, not because I choose to believe so, but because my senses can no longer deny its appalling accuracy. I step out of the house and feel the strength of the sun tearing my skin, as if trying to break through and inhabit my pores. I look at the sky everyday and everytime I do, I can always sense the raging ephemerality of weather. I can no longer nurse the fact that everyday, people die because they are slowly being killed, not by nature; no, never by nature, but by their own faults and mine. I cringe at the thought of my paranoia and sole concern to make a difference amidst lethargic impressions of my people about where we all live.

It was Earth day when I watched The Inconvenient Truth. I was struck by how direct, alarming and frightening it sounded, but it left a part of its conciousness in me.

We can no longer go back to square one, when all the domains of the earth are pictured as paradise by the scriptures. We can no longer erase this sad truth the we have entered a drastic environmental phase of our era. It is hard to break a cycle which began centuries ago. It’s like a cavity which you can hardly even cover.

As always, we can recast sentences by adding a ”but”.

We can work. We know we can. It’s just our fear that drives us not to put proper punctuations to unending consequences of our own faults.

I can change these changing times. I know I can. This is a truth which I will never be afraid of.

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