Sunday, March 8, 2009

After the Hiatus

Yes!! The blogging hiatus is over and I'm back!! *insert wild keyboard slamming here*

Google decided to screw me and is now giving me problems whenever I log-in to my old blog
. *insert garbled cursing here* So, here's my new blog: Visit it. Now~~

After months of trying to pull myself together to get my head shaved, I finally took the plunge today. I never actually thought that I would really do it. At first, I was just joking whenever I tell people that I want to get my head shaved. I love my long hair. But what do you know right? Funny thing is, before I went to the barber shop, I ate pancit, rice, and calamares. So, I am blaming the calamares for this. There was something evil with the squid I ate that kinda hypnotized me into getting a haircut. Nonetheless, I really like my new look. *hohoho*

I so freaking hate Youtube right now. I have made a 2-minute video for almost 5 plus hours using my newly downloaded Sony Vegas Pro 8. It took me a long time since it was my first time to use the software. So there, after all the bullcrap, I decided to finally upload it to Youtube but they keep on muting the audio due to copyright thingies. Arrrg.

Anyway, I'm going to start playing Patapon 2 now in my PSP. Yes~~ I waited so long for this game to come out. Well, the US/EUR version at least. Sony and Japan Studio finally got tired of laughing at the very anxious fans and gamers who can't wait to get their hands on the English version of the game and decided to release it to the market. I have a copy of the EUR version now so expect a short review of the game from me in the upcoming weeks. Since I can't contain my excitement anymore to play Patapon 2, I am not going to waste another minute of your life - and my precious playing time - so I'll say, screw you guys, I'm outta here.

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