Sunday, March 1, 2009

Thank You for the Kind Words :)

Pardon the grammatical errors on this entry. This is purely copied from another source.
I learned today (sic) that I was banned by the fucking moderator of this groups (sic) who goes by the name maria josefa oris. It was dated 1st (sic) October 2008...almost 4 months now.Well, there can be miracles when you believe...and i believe that children are our future. (sic)

I read this blog of hers that i find very goes:

"I don't care."

and so am I. (sic)

People say it sometimes because they're too preoccupied with everything else that they refuse to care about other things of less importance.

We often say that to show that we're too strong to even worry about anything. We say it most of the time to show we're cool.

Aside from all these lousy reasons, during special occasions, we say it because we're way too happy to even bother.

You're actually bothered my dear.You even wrote something about it. Logic??? (sic) --> 2.75

I have been dropped officially/unofficially (I'm not sure of mystatus) from one of my subjects and honestly, I'm worried. I am aware that my professor is mad at me, but right about that matter, I don'tcare. What's important now is that I pass this subject (even with a tres for the love of Christ) and graduate.

Lies.Too good to be true.You didn't mention why you were given another fucking chance. Look at what miracles of Recto Medical University can do.You were saved by a false document.You're such an actress... You're good at faking.

I am still literally at war with a friend. I have no idea if I still consider him a friend. He nudges, he says things, he smirks and rolls his eyeballs at me, and in that regard, I don't care. I'm happy with the remaining friends that I have and nothing, even the thought of him bashing me round and about can even make me feel depressed. People who mock you and throw stones at you are perfect examples of people who should just be ignored. Love of attention can be found in more ways than one and if they find happiness in feeling superior, you just let them be. After all, they perfectly know what makes them happy andyou're not in the right position to deprive them of their happiness. As they say, ignorance is bliss.

this is me, this rei real. can you please (sic) be more specific?if i were to throw something on (sic) you, it's simply the hurtful truth that you have been ignoring for years. For the record, I don't have superiority complex. It is you who have (sic) it, in case you don't know. And (sic) if I am ignorant then what are you??? (sic) Well, there is no adjective to describe you.

I get sick all the time and I don't care. I'm still alive and the thought of living another day despite sickness is enough to keep me going. I give up matters of consequence for my personal joys and I don't care what happens next.

I cry, laugh, cry again, laugh again. People say I'm hard headed and all that, because I don't listen, but I don't care. I thank them for listening and for being there, but I'm gonna be even more grateful forletting me feel and experience how it feels to live a great, recessive-nonetheless-radical, booming life. Yeah.

I would still go through a lot and would still learn a lot. It's the difficulty of things that I wouldn't even care about. Oh, life. As for now, I only care about how I feel for people I love the most, and for those who can stand right behind me when I feel like falling backwards. I only care about today.

Har-har.Oh puh-leez! Open your freaking eyes...Are you sure he/she loves you?
Beggar of love.

Love, love, love. I love loving --> spare her (sic)

Piece of advice:Love your enemy.The people around you are your enemies, and i mean THE PEOPLE AROUND YOU. As in literally, your co-ST (sic) in Maceda.They are sick and tired of you and your attitude. I pity you so much because nobody in BSE cares about you especially the people you consider your friends even the person you think cares for you and I know who that person is. (Clue: the name starts with...secret mamatay ka sa kakahula)They are just tolerating your childish behavior.Haha.Poor Thing!

Like I said, thank you for the kind words.
You will never hear anything from me about this.
Thank you.

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