Wednesday, March 11, 2009

A Pre-Bedtime Post

Rey, I hope you would have the chance to read this. I may not muster ample strength to personally talk to you. However, I sincerely want to end things. I am sorry. I have done a lot of stupid things and I believe you do not deserve to suffer the consequences of my mediocre decisions. I am fully aware of the depth of all this and I accept the plausibility of not having a complete reconciliation with you but I fervently hope that you would consider and perhaps, accept my apologies.


I have two jobs, the morning and night. I'm singing it in my head and somewhat pleased with the sense of the song, but seriously, I work to rid myself of everything that is emotionally stressing me out. It's better to wear myself out physically and intellectually.

I want to work in the morning to get an evening sched in the same spot where my office friend works (apparently that's my professional relationship with brix, haha.)

I want to work in the evening to have more money and to get out of the house.

I work because I want to leave and in its very essence, live.


Tomorrow is gonna be twelfth of the month.
Wow. I've always valued every twelfth of every month.
So, yeah, viva dose. :)

In my humble opinion, it wouldn't hurt to plug love here. Brix. As mushy as it probably may sound to you, thanks. Staying for 26 months with me may have caused you a lot of trouble, but what the heck, you survived. :) I just hope you can last a little more. Haha. I love you. :)


Let us all be happy. However we define it, anyway. :)

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