Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I am a very smart person. I am not bragging. I know a lot of things about a bit of everything. Again, I am not bragging.

Even though I know I how smart I am, I know my limits. I don't like pretending to know something when in reality, I don't. Whenever I encounter something I have no idea about, I quickly ask the people around me about it to have a bit of knowledge about it.

I am NOT good in my native language, which is Tagalog. Screw me right? But at least I'm honest.

This past weekend, I was playing a game which was in Tagalog and it was eating me up because there were some words I don't understand. I admitted to my friends how dumb I am and even gave them some English words that I don't know in Tagalog. Suddenly, one of my bastard friends decided he wanted to crack a joke about one of my questions.

I asked everyone what was 'kamalig' in English. Everyone in the room said that the English word for it was 'barn'. Then my bastard friend entered the scene and this transpired:

Vlake: "Ang tanga mo naman, yun lang di mo alam. Barn yun." (You are so dumb, you should know that. It's barn.)
Brix: "Oo na. Sorry ha?" (Fine. I'm sorry.)
Vlake: "Barn! Alam mo na, nasusunog! Barning!" (Barn! You know, burning! Barning!)

Everyone in the room exploded with laughter then killed my friend for being such a smart-ass. ^0^v

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