Monday, March 9, 2009

Girls' Generation - [MV] 힘내/Way to Go

This is the newly released MV of Girls' Generation's 힘내/Way to Go.

I know that this song will top Korean charts for a couple of weeks. I'll be cheering for these girls again. Let's go Soshi let's go!

I would also like to congratulate Girls' Generation for winning #1 for 8 consecutive weeks on KBS Music Bank. 소녀시대's title song from their 1st mini album, 'Gee' was announced #1 on the K-Chart on Music Bank at 4:50pm on the 6th.

For 8 consecutive weeks since the 3rd week of January until the 1st week of March, the song had gotten #1 every week. This is the longest record since Musicbank's broadcast back in 1998. The last record holder was Jewelry, with their song, One More Time for 7 consecutive weeks.

I am so happy for our girls for setting a new record on Music Bank. Let's keep this up 소녀시대! 화이팅!

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