Thursday, March 5, 2009

Looking Back: The AMIS Experience (Part 3)


The educational system that we are a part of is a challenge to face and a problem to solve. We keep on complaining about something we don't like, and complaining is the only thing that we like to do. What's worse is, we complain but in times of action, we hide and spare ourselves from all the trouble. As a conclusion, as teachers, we should never let ourselves be eaten by the spoilage of the system. If ideals are the only things we can hold on to while avoiding educational prejudices, then we must protect these ideals by all means. As teachers, that's what we must do. That's what we should have been doing all this time.

I left Antonio Maceda with a whole new perspective towards teaching. Every classroom scenario is not a melodramatic cut. Every life and story behind a student’s face is real, and everyday encounter with students is meaningful. We do not need testimonies from other teachers to know what is going on. We don’t need the media to know what the state of Philippine Education is. We only have to look through each student, realize their needs, uncap their potentials and make them grasp their aspirations and through that, we would have a lucid vision of what Education should be.

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