Friday, March 13, 2009

Friday the 13th

From my understanding, this day is supposed to be an unlucky day. I think the trick to dodging the bad luck this day brings is by really waiting for it to come, then jump on it like how an athlete jumps on a hurdle on a marathon, then shout, 'Screw you~~'. I am not saying that this is how I get out of Friday the 13th untouched by bad luck, I just don't believe that concept. I'm too logical for that.

Let's see if this day is really unlucky or not.

On the minus side:

* I woke up with a very kind headache. This happened as soon as I woke up so let's give it 5 points.
* I wasn't able to use the shoes that I normally use because an army of ants invaded it. That's probably 4 points.
* I am having a hard time walking since I am wearing sandals which I don't even own. 2 points.
* The security personnel stopped me from going inside the building where my office is at since I am wearing sandals. 3 points.
* Out of nowhere, the lights went out and there was no electricity for around 5 minutes. Since this is somehow a good thing (no classes), this will just get 2 points.
* The person who delivered our food was uber late and I had to speed-eat everything I ordered because my classes will start in fifteen minutes. It cost me 220 pesos for the food that I didn't even appreciate so let's give this 5 points.
* This day is not yet over so who knows what else might happen. That's 2 more points.

Ok, enough sulking on the bad things.

Let's go to the plus side:

* I had a very nice dream about Yoona (SNSD), Nica maknae, and Bespren Jo. I think the good things that happened in this dream is enough to cancel the headache I had as the day started so 5 points.
* Good thing that Throi left the sandals I borrowed last weekend at the house so I still have a decent footwear I can use even though the ants-attacking-my-shoes incident happened. That's a good 5 points.
* I am early today so I was able to goof around with the morning teachers. 2 points.
* Miss Mau and Liz visited the office and told me I look better with my new hairdo. 2 points.
* Because of the power interruption, the evening teachers were able to take a few pictures. 3 points.
* So Nyeo Shi Dae grabs a miracle win to be number 1 again this week on MuBank. This is their ninth week. Even though it was uber laggy, I still streamed it online and I really waited for it. This will be a whopping 7 points. (I am still high about this so expect a post about this in the upcoming days.)
* All the evening teachers are in a "Red Carpet" attire and it's really an eye candy, even me. 3 points.
* It's a weekend tomorrow, I deserve the rest, and I will be with my friends. 4 points.

Minus side: 23 points.
Plus side: 31 points.

I really feel that this is a very long day. A lot of things happened and even though there are only 2 more hours left before it turns Saturday, bad luck can still strike so I ain't closing doors yet. But my aura is good in repelling bad luck, so whatever~~

Generalization: Screw Friday the 13th!

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