Saturday, March 21, 2009

This is What I Get for Saying Yeobosaeyo (Hello) Everyday.

I'm not really into K-Pop but I find SNSD (Girls' Generation) and SuJu (Super Junior) interesting. They are cute and talented. They can sing and dance unlike most performers here in the Philippines. Dito lang kasi sa pinas nauuso yung "concert TV" na lip synch. Seldom do we find performers who can catch the audience not only thru their looks, but thru talents as well.

Let's start with aesthetics. Don't you think these people look attractive?

No, seriously.
You don't get to see pretty faces very often nowadays... 

..and I swear, it has never been my habit to drool over a face of a guy.
Let this however, be an exemption. 

Kim Ki Bum should be a specimen for the Human Genome Project.
Not all the guys in SuJu are attractive.

In fact, one fat guy impetuously squeezed himself in the group.

Now to music. I like SNSD's catchy tunes. They sound like spice girls only a little younger, funkier and better. They dance well and they don't have to try so hard to be cute on-screen because they ARE cute. What more can I say. Oh yeah, they make EB babes  and sexbomb look like performers who are always prepared to step on stage to give their last performance before they formally retire from what they call "singing" and "dancing". Sorry for the harsh similes. At any rate, they are still Filipino performers so yeah, love your own. Going back to SNSD, I find their songs "Gee"and "Kissing You" very sweet, even if I don't understand the lyrics (English adlibs like "baby" help a lot).

Now, SuJu's songs like "Sorry, Sorry" and "Miracle" are okay, but heck, maybe they should hire a telephone english instructor first before they use some English terms for their lyrics. They pronounce "Sorry" like "sorreh". It almost sounds like "soleh" or some filipino who thrives to ask for apologies in English. Still, I find this group okay. 

They have nice lyrics, as in the case of their song "Miracle". They sing, "Life can get better" then some guys would go shouting in the background "Hey!". Their songs are not really the kind you'd listen to if you want to get the LSS, but it can only get worse. Their steps are ridiculous. I believe they ought to fire their choreographer, or if they make their own steps, maybe they should just hire one to teach them some real human rhythm. Notwithstanding my humble opinion that their dance steps suck, I still find most of the SuJu guys worth screaming for. Oh Kim Ki Bum.

I'm not comparing SNSD and SuJu. These are two different groups and it's utterly pointless to see which group is better. I just want to talk about them, that's all. 


  1. Jing~
    I'm laughing!! hahaha!!
    because of your comment on the picutre of Shuju. "Watda?" ^0^

    You're so funny!!!! ^^

  2. Ah, One thing forgot to say...

    Shuju pronunce "Sorry" into "Sorreh" on purpose. ^^
    maybe for an art?
    or a nicer expression? ^^;;